Introducing Good Steps®
~ The World's First Adjustable Dog Steps

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"The Best Dog Steps Money Can Buy"

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Good Steps are the exciting new dog steps that adjust to the specific needs of your dog. These unique, patent pending dog steps are designed just for canines and allow you to adjust the settings 100's of ways in order to achieve the safest and most comfortable configuration for your dog at every step of life.

Good Steps are custom pieces of furniture that are manufactured in the mountains of Utah on a limited basis. Each unit is hand crafted and finished and built to order for the owner and dog.

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Why Your Next Dog Steps Should Be Good Steps

Customizable and Adjustable to fit Your Dog's Special Needs

Dogs come in literally dozens and dozens of different sizes, shapes, physical abilities, differing agilities, health conditions and other needs. Yet the typical pet stairs, or "pet steps", offer a one-size-fits-all approach to handle all those different types of dogs. Doesn't make sense, does it?

Now, imagine, a set of dog stairs which can adjust with your dog from puppy hood through their senior years and help them reach a variety of special spots from their favorite spot on the couch to that dog heaven, the bed… comfortably and safely....through all the twists that life may throw at them. Neat, huh?... Learn more about the Features & Benefits

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Good Steps adjustable dog steps features

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Adjusts to Any Dog

Over 100 Settings Adjust From Puppies to Seniors and Pocket Dogs to Poodles

We could say Good Steps are for dog owners everywhere, and they are... but, really, Good Steps are for the dogs, plain and simple.

Which dogs can benefit from our amazing new patent pending dog stairs? As we met with dog owners and put the word out looking for test dogs we found a world of lovable dogs just thrilled about the product!

Depending on your dog's leg length and physical abilities you can plan on the Zephyr model providing small to medium size dogs easy access to all couches and beds up to roughly 28" depending on the dog. For how to determine if the Zephyr is appropriate for your dog please read our Beds vs Couches page.

Good Steps are great for any dog including...

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color trim options available with Good Steps dog steps

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Customizes to Any Home

Beautifully crafted, Good Steps Dog Steps complements any room in your home

We designed Good Steps to be a quality piece of furniture anyone can proudly display in their home. No more putting away the "dog steps" when company comes over, Good Steps are custom made and finished the same way high quality furniture is so you can be proud of them...and, they make a great conversation starter!

You can select trim colors to complement your decor and then add hardware to accent the piece beautifully. Treads are also customizable and are designed to work with all sorts of dogs, even those with failing eyesight. Need something custom? Just let us know.

Customize Them Your Way
  • Multiple Trim Choices
  • Custom Hardware Options
  • Variety of Tread Colors
  • Custom Stain Finishes
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Sounds Great! ~ How Do I Get Them?

Production is in full swing...but order early

We have been producing Good Steps since 2020 and are gradually ramping up production as the word about these amazing dog steps spreads. Even so, every set we make is still customized for the owner and their dog so they do take a little bit of time to get them just right. You can expect your Good Steps to ship within a week after we settle the customization details with you.

So, are you ready to make your dog the happiest pooch on the block? Just select your model, colors and hardware, provide us your name and email... we will be in touch soon. It's Easy!

BTW - Pricing is on the Order Good Steps page and varies according to options.


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US & International Patents Pending | Proudly made in the U.S.A.