Good Steps® ~ Dog Steps for Large Dogs

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Even Big Dogs Appreciate Good Steps®

Big Dogs may seem tougher but they need love too

Big dogs always seem to handle life's challenges in a big way. They jump higher than other dogs, surmount obstacles that leave smaller dogs stymied, and just generally seem to "live large". Until they don't.  Large dogs are just as suseptible to issues such as injuries, arthritis, joint pain, hip displasia and old age as other dogs, often more so. Yes, even large dogs benefit from Good Steps.

Good Steps are great for dogs such as:
  • Labs
  • Goldies
  • Setters
  • Shephards
  • ...and lots of other large frame dogs!

Note: For those with large dogs and you aren't sure whether Good Steps will work with your dog, please drop us a line and explain your situation. We are developing a larger model of our Zephyr, the original Good Steps, just for dogs who are of larger stature or dogs who need help getting to those higher spots. It might be worth getting on the wait list for those, or maybe the original will be fine, just ask us.

Dog steps for big dogs
"The Best Dog Steps Money Can Buy"
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Health Issues with Standard Dog Stairs

Seriously. I'm a big dog...I need big dog steps

Typical dog stairs are just not designed for large dogs and can not only be difficult for them to navigate but downright dangerous as well. Small tread areas, steep inclines, tipping...all can cause a dog to shy away from standard dog steps. Maybe yours seems ok going up the steps but jumps to bypass them on the way down? Now you know why.

Large dogs have a longer span between front legs and back legs and need steps that take that into consideration. And, because they can step up higher with their longer legs, the short rise on many dog stairs is frustrating at best. However, as puppies, when they are seniors, or anytime in between when they have an injury, having a set of properly adjusted Good Steps can provide them a safe and secure way to access those highly coveted high spots.

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Ramps? ...Maybe

For large dogs Good Steps often outperform ramps

Dog ramps pose their own issues with the angles often imposing excess strain on paws and tendons. As long as you remember the Rule of 18, ramps can be ok for large dogs in the puppy years through adult hood. However, many ramps are placed at angles which are unhealthy and many are not as stable with a large dog on them as one might hope. And senior dogs may find those excessive ramp angles especially troubling on paws and joints. Please, read about the hidden dangers associated with ramps and then, please, consider Good Steps – the dog steps designed for large dogs.

Good Steps adjustable dog steps for large dogs

Why Good Steps?

Ergonomically designed dog steps for dogs like yours

Good Steps are adjustable in so many ways they are perfect for large dogs of any age. Puppies will appreciate the low rise and large tread areas which help them learn to navigate steps with minimal risk. Adult dogs like the fact that steps can be removed to make the dog steps more large-dog-friendly. And senior dogs like the large tread areas and smaller rise between steps as well as the stability of the solid furniture-like build. Lastly, the special tread strips in glow-in-the-dark and reflective options make eyesight issues a little less challenging. Good Steps – the dog steps designed for large dogs of any age.

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