Good Steps® ~ Dog Steps for Dachshunds, Corgis and others

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Long-Backs LOVE Good Steps Dog Steps!

And we love long-back dogs!

Those short legs and long bodies combined with their huge hearts, what’s not to love?! But, as you know, standard dog stairs aren’t really built for them. In fact, with their unique body shape, dogs like dachshunds and corgis need a bit of extra care and thought given to helping them reach the higher spots that they would love to get to. 

Good Steps are for long back/short legged dogs such as:
  • Dachshunds
  • Basset Hounds
  • Yorkshire Terriers
  • Corgis
  • ...and lots of other dogs!

"The Best Dog Steps Money Can Buy"
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Health Issues with Standard Dog Stairs

Climb what? ...How about you get me some Good Steps instead?

Dachshunds, corgis and basset hounds, with long backs and shorts legs, are particularly susceptible to serious injury from using stairs or standard dog steps. The physicality of jumping on or off steps, or couch or bed, can easily result in ruptured disc syndrome and other painful injuries.

Small dog steps can be hard to find and frankly, they don’t factor in the lower chest height to leg span ratio. This can result in a lot of chest bumping and bruising which can be uncomfortable to downright painful and over time even lead to health issues. With larger dog steps you have the issue of long bodied dogs becoming unstable as they try to navigate the larger rise between steps. Again, this can cause pain and injury with repeated use.

old wire haired dachshund

Ramps? ...Maybe

Or maybe not...

Dog ramps pose their own issues with the angles often imposing excess strain on paws, joints and tendons. Read about the hidden dangers associated with ramps and then, please, consider Good Steps – the dog steps designed for dogs with long backs and short legs.

Dog steps for long body dogs

Why Good Steps?

Ergonomically designed dog steps for dogs like yours

Good Steps are the only dog step for dachshunds, corgis and similarly built dogs. With your Good Steps dog steps you can adjust the rise between steps down to 4" and with the optional Short Step™ package all the way down to 2". That is super easy for any dog! And, unlike ramps, your pup's paws stay flat so no stress on joints and tendons. You can also adjust the tread depth to help make it as comfortable as possible for them to navigate between steps.

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