Benefits of Good Steps®

Good Steps - Features and Benefits
"The Best Dog Steps Money Can Buy"

Exceptional Features for Exceptional Dogs

Does your dog deserve anything less?

We love dogs, it's why we created Good Steps. The features found in Good Steps are not only unique to dog steps in general but several are so unique we filed patents on them! Browse through the features found in Good Steps and then ask yourself, does your dog deserve anything less than the best?

Chloe demonstrates features of adjustable dog steps

Adjusts to Your Dog

Easily adjusts to your dogs needs at every stage of life
Every dog is different. Different sizes, lengths, weights, level of agility, health, and personality. Good Steps adjusts to your dog's particular needs in order to provide them with the safest and most comfortable way to get up and down form couches and beds. And, it supports them through all of life's changes from puppy-hood to senior days.

Adjusts for the following:
  • Chihuahuas to Doberman
  • Dogs with long backs and/or short legs
  • Puppies and other small dogs
  • Older dogs with health issues such as: Joints, Eyesight, Balance and more
  • Dogs in Rehab
  • ...even adjusts for your dog!
front view of dog steps

Rise Height & Number of Steps

Select from 4", 8", 12" or 16"...whatever you need ~ even a 2" rise with optional Short Steps™
The average rise between human steps is 7". Doesn't sound like much, does it? Well, to a dog with short legs or health issues it can be an insurmountable obstacle. On the other hand, a healthy dog with long legs may find that steps every 7" is more of a hindrance than a help; they might prefer a 12" rise between steps. Whatever the case for your dog, Good Steps can adjust to the need.

Features include:
  • Adjust rise in 4" increments
  • Optional Short Steps™ reduces rise to just 2" !
  • Configure your unit with two, three, or four steps
Good Steps dog steps in extended position

Change Tread Depth

From 8" to over 24" every dog finds their happy spot
Ergonomically speaking, traditional dog stairs are not built for dogs. Period. The 8" tread on a set of dog steps from your local pet store might work for a bouncy young terrier but present a hazard to a larger dog. And dogs with long bodies typically do better with longer tread depths. Makes sense, right?
TIP: Measure the distance between your dog's legs from front to back. That is the recommended distance an average dog needs between the middle of the upper step and the leading edge of the step below it. This rule-of-thumb works for a lot of dogs, not all though. You have to take into account their health, body type and other factors.

Tread Adjust-ability:
  • Quick release adjustment levers
  • Adjust from 8" to 24" on lowermost step
  • Tread width is a stable 16"
tread choice for Good Steps adjustable dog steps

Six Tread Strip Combinations

Treads are designed for safety and to help with eyesight issues
Slipping is one thing sure to freak out a dog. Slipping on a step can also result in injury. Our non-slip tread strips are designed to be easy on paws while providing a safe and secure step area for your pooch.
Another unique aspect of our tread strips is how they help with vision. Did you know that dogs are essentially colorblind? Most of their world appears in shades of gray and brown. That is why contrasts are so important and why we build our steps in a light color and then equip them with dark tread strips.
Our specialty tread strips, Glow-in-Dark and Reflective, assist dogs using the steps at night or in low-light situations as well as those with deteriorating eyesight.

Tread Strip Features:
  • Step design offers high contrast
  • Tread strip material is soft on paws
  • Specialty strips help with eyesight issues
  • PVC Free so no harmful off gassing
trim color options for Good Steps

Custom Appearance

Stylish design and color options to blend with any decor
Good Steps gives you several options to customize your new dog steps just the way you like. Select from color accent trim to tie into your other decor, then select the hardware you like, and finally, finish off with the tread strips most suited to your dogs needs.

Select From:
  • Custom trim colors available
  • Multiple standard trim colors
  • A variety of hardware to select from
  • Tread strips available in Clear, Black, Glow-in-Dark, and Reflective
Good Steps prototype


Furniture grade materials and manufacturing
Good Steps are designed to exacting engineered specifications and then produced in state-of-the-art facilities here in the U.S. using high quality Baltic Birch. Once the parts leave the factory they are inspected for quality and then hand finished and each unit is tested thoroughly. When we say that Good Steps are a high quality piece of furniture, we mean it.

Quality ~ Start to Finish:
  • Hi-quality materials
  • State-of-the-Art manufacturing
  • Hand Finished
  • Thoroughly tested

US & International Patents Pending | Proudly made in the U.S.A.