Good Steps® ~ Dog Steps for Senior Dogs

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Because They're Family

Your dog has lived long and loved well... now its time to return the favor

They are family and we think you'll agree when we say they should be treated that way. If they used to share a bed or couch and now they can't, they depend on you to help them retain or regain that dignity and comfort.

Face it, every dog gets to this point in life sooner or later. Your job is to recognize it as early on as you can and take the steps necessary to ease their transition.   Would you make your favorite relative sit on the floor if they grew too old to get on the couch without help? Of course not!

Good Steps are for senior dogs with:
  • Weakness
  • Eyesight Issues
  • Balance problems
  • Arthritis or hip or joint problems
  • ...and well, dogs who just don't bounce the way they used to.

"The Best Dog Steps Money Can Buy"
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Health Issues with Standard Dog Stairs

It can happen slowly ...its your job to notice

Senior – senior dogs need and deserve a little extra consideration when providing them a means to get to their favorite spot. They are often dealing with a combination of deteriorating eyesight, limited mobility, and an increasing lack of stability in their movements.

Often a senior dog will just curl up on the floor rather than try to reach its favorite spot on the couch. Is he really happier on the floor…or does he just not have what it takes to jump up to the couch or bed like he used to? Good Steps offers a softer angle, larger steps, contrasting tread colors, and more stability, all these are helpful considerations when selecting dog stairs for your pal in their older years.

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Ramps? ...Maybe

Ramps can be good or bad ...just don't break the Rule of 18

Dog ramps pose their own issues for senior dogs with the angles often imposing excess strain on paws, joints and tendons. However, we do not have a problem with dog ramps in general provided that:

1) You have the room for them and understand they take a lot of length to get to height.

2) If you have a senior dog or a dog with leg or paw injuries you always confer with your vet as to whether ramp angles might put additional strain on their legs and paws.

3) You NEVER incline them more than 18 degrees max, no matter what.

Read about the hidden dangers associated with dog ramps and then, please, consider Good Steps – the dog steps designed for senior dogs.

Dog steps for senior dogs

Why Good Steps?

Ergonomically designed dog steps for dogs like yours

Good Steps are great for senior dogs. Older dogs ofter have problems navigating narrow treads and short steps, not to mention the challenge of tall risers. Then factor in balance issues and eyesight problems and you can understand why older dogs are often hesitant to use their steps, no matter how well they used to handle them.

Good Steps offer senior dogs wide steps and large tread areas which you can customize to their exact and changing needs. The units are also quite a bit more stable than the typical flimsy store bought models. Finally, our unique tread strips not only offer secure footing but can help with failing eyesight or even night blindness!

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