Coming in 2020
Dog Steps for Dogs Who Don't Like Dog Stairs

- "Good Steps®" -

- The World’s 1st -
Fully Customizable & Totally Adjustable
Ergonomically Designed Dog Stairs System

Who We Are

A group of dog lovers including: An inventor/entrepreneur, an engineer, wood working professional, an animal PT, a vetinarian, and a bunch of really great dogs who pitched in their time to help us develop this product.

What are Good Steps®?

Coming in 2019 are the exciting new Good Steps™ brand dog steps. These totally unique, patent pending steps are designed just for canines and allow you to adjust the settings multiple ways in order to achieve the safest and most comfortable configuration for your dog.


Who are Good Steps® for?

We could say Good Steps™ are for dog owners everywhere, and they are... but, really, Good Steps™ are for dogs, plain and simple.

Which dogs can benefit from our amazing new patent pending dog stairs? As we met with dog owners and put the word out looking for test dogs we found a world of lovable dogs just thrilled about the product!

For now, we can help them reach a couch or bed... in the future, the sky is the limit!

  • Puppies
  • Short legs
  • Long backs
  • Injuries
  • Senior dogs
  • Heavy dogs
  • Looooong legs
  • Hip issues
  • Nerve damage
  • Balance issues
  • ReHab
  • Weakness
  • Vision problems
  • ... and probably a bunch more we haven't heard about yet. (tell us, please!)

The Problem

Have you ever watched a puppy try to navigate stairs? Or an older dog, perhaps with hip issues, struggle to climb a couple of steps? We all have... and that struggling dog may be curled up at your feet right now.


Human Steps are for Humans

Everyday stairs for humans are not built to some perfect angle suitable to all living creatures, but to average human strides, so as to provide easy and comfortable ascent and descent for humans. Stairs built today, for humans, will fall under general construction guidelines and regulations for safety and comfortably accommodate different needs, but all that is still just for humans.

What about dogs?

Unfortunately, when it comes to dog stairs for small dogs, or pet steps to help your pooch get onto the couch or bed, the options have always been designed coming from a human approach. That’s bad news for most dogs.

Dogs come in literally dozens and dozens of different sizes, shapes, physical abilities, differing agilities, health conditions and other needs. Yet the typical pet stairs, or "pet steps", offer a one-size-fits-all approach to handle all those different style of dogs. Doesn't make sense, does it?

From puppies and Pekinese to seniors and Spaniels, every day dogs face challenges doing simple things which you and I take for granted. Want to be on the couch or bed? … the choices are; ramps - not great for paws; or standard dog steps - which are often quite unstable in addition to not being customized to a dog’s specific physical needs, thereby often resulting in joint pain and causing a safety issue.

What if there was an answer?  ...Now there is.

A Solution Is Here... Introducing Good Steps®

The SolutionGood Steps™ The brand new, and totally unique, Good Steps™ stair system is adjustable to fit the unique needs of your dog.

Imagine, a set of stairs which can work with your dog from puppy hood through their senior years and help them reach a variety of special spots from their favorite spot on the couch to that dog heaven, the bed… comfortably and safely....through all the twists that life may throw at them.

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