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Good Steps® ~ Step Up Program

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Our Pledge

We pledge to give back 5% of our profits to dogs by donating cash and Good Steps Dog Steps to shelters and other rescue facilities helping homeless dogs or dogs in need of special care. Because every dog deserves a forever home.
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Step Up Program

When you support Good Steps you are helping us provide homes for dogs in need of shelter, love and a safe and healthy life.

Twice a year Good Steps selects animal rescue centers and homeless shelters that are doing a good job but otherwise need a helping hand. We try and inspect each facility or at minimum look for recommendations with an eye to those lesser funded organizations who are doing a good job but who could do a great job if they had a little more help.

We then gather together some new Good Steps, any slightly used GS dog steps, or those which didn't quite pass muster for sales, but are still fully functional and, along with a cash donation, we provide what we can to those who need it most. Whether the steps we donate are used for charity fundraising, installed in the facility, or sent home with a dog in need to their new home, every GS dog steps unit is built and used for the betterment of dogs.

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