"The Best Dog Steps Money Can Buy"
Example Configurations
Explore just how versatile Good Steps are with this overview of ten of the configurations from the selection of over 100 you can select from. These are CAD pictures so are not real units, they just example a few options.

More Configurations
These are live shots of a few configurations showing set ups for puppies, old dogs, long backs, and more. We have counted over 100 variations you can create so you are only limited by your imagination. Have fun!

* for those wondering what clear treads look like - these shots all have clear treads behind the main treads.


Tread Ideas
We placed a variety of tread combinations on a rough unfinished prototype just to show what can be done. Remember, this is a prototype in these shots so ignore the sawdust and rough look. This is NOT a "finished" look.

* The "clear" treads are actually clearer than they appear. The lighting bounced off them in a weird way. Even so, remember that "clear" isn't invisible. See the Tread Closeups slideshow for a better example of clear treads in use.

Tread Closeups
These are closeups of available tread configurations placed on a Honey base unit landing step. You can also see some of the Landing Locs in use too to get a rough idea of color options.

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