Zephyr "Custom"

Each Good Steps "Custom" unit is literally custom made for each buyer. Hardware, trim stain, even the base finish or custom color is all an individual choice. That is why we discuss the options with you after you order. We want to make sure you receive a unit that is as custom to you as we can make it.

Step 1 – Review Custom Options
Step 2 – Confirm Options and Complete Order at Bottom of Page (include upgrade if desired)
Step 3 – After Order ~ Discuss Customizing Options with Good Steps Rep (we will email you to arrange a time)


Trim Color

Trim color is where you can really help tie the unit into your current decor. We have a selection of trim colors available below for you to select from.
Custom stain colors - We can customize the stain color to match closely to your current furnishings or design needs. Just select Custom in the trim color box in the order section at page bottom.

* Wood tones and stain colors are notoriously difficult to recreate accurately online - if you want to have a better idea of what a color really looks like just ask us and we will direct you to the stain we would be using. I will say, after hundreds of photos...these are pretty close.

View a gallery of trim colors on model units

  • Natural
  • Golden Honey
  • Traditional Cherry
  • Cognac
  • Dark Walnut
  • Briarwood
Select Trim Color:
  • Natural Natural
  • Golden Honey Golden Honey
  • Traditional Cherry Traditional Cherry
  • Cognac Cognac
  • Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
  • Briarwood Briarwood

Landing Loc Color

The hardware that comes with each unit consists of A) one Landing Loc disc for the top landing and B) three Step Locs for the stairs.
The uppermost piece, or Landing Loc, is offered in a variety of attractive colors to match your dog and decor as shown in the options below.

Note: The top Landing Loc piece is ONLY available as a Disc Loc for safety reasons. For your dog's safety please NEVER use any other Loc piece for the landing area, only use a Disc Landing Loc style.

  • Vader Black
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Selenium Silver
  • Golden Honey
  • Touch-a-Pink
  • Irish Spring
  • Ruby Red
  • Tawny Bronze
  • Primrose Purple
Select Your Options:
  • Vader Black Vader Black
  • Cobalt Blue Cobalt Blue
  • Selenium Silver Selenium Silver
  • Golden Honey Golden Honey
  • Touch-a-Pink Touch-a-Pink
  • Irish Spring Irish Spring
  • Ruby Red Ruby Red
  • Tawny Bronze Tawny Bronze
  • Primrose Purple Primrose Purple

Select Your 3 Step Locs

In addition to the Landing Loc you selected above each unit requires three Step Locs in order to secure the steps and keep them from sliding. These are available in the standard black Industrial Star Loc look or an upgrade to either the Cam Loc or Landing Loc (matches Landing Loc above) styles for a small upcharge. You can have any style of Step Locs you like but remember that the Landing Locs are always the Disc style for safety reasons. And, yes, you can mix colors, we won't tell.

  • Black Star Locs
  • CAM-Blue
  • CAM-Red
  • CAM-Black
  • CAM-Gold
  • Matching Landing Locs
Select 3 Step Locs:
  • Black Star Locs Standard Black Star Knobs
  • CAM-Blue CAM Levers - Blue ~ upgrade $29
  • CAM-Red CAM Levers - Red ~ upgrade $29
  • CAM-Black CAM Levers - Black ~ upgrade $29
  • CAM-Gold CAM Levers - Gold ~ upgrade $29
  • Matching Landing Locs 3 Matching Landing Locs ~ upgrade $29

Tread Type

Our tread material is very unique in that it is: PVC free | Soft on Paws | Easy to Reposition | Stain Resistant.

The Main Tread is located just behind the Edge Tread and is where the majority of the dog paw activity occurs.The tread material itself is provided in 14” strips which you can trim as you like and position for the best effect.
To learn more about treads and how dogs see things please visit the Benefits of Good Steps page.
Note: We are transitioning to a solid 6" tread piece rather than the two pieces shown here.

  • Black Black
  • Black Clear
  • Reflective Black
  • Reflective Clear
  • Glow-in-Dark Black
  • Glow-in-Dark Clear
Select Your Options:
  • Black Black Black & Black
  • Black Clear Black & Clear
  • Reflective Black Reflective & Black
  • Reflective Clear Reflective & Clear
  • Glow-in-Dark Black Glow-in-Dark & Black
  • Glow-in-Dark Clear Glow-in-Dark & Clear

Order CUSTOM ~ Zephyr Below

Select Your 3 Step Locs
Tread Type
Trim Color
Enter Landing Disc Color